I haven’t received my order, what should I do?

If you have waited the maximum number of days (7 business days plus the maximum amount of days in your country/continent’s shipping estimates), then please email us (info@teamfullrom.com) with your invoice number and we’ll help resolve the issue.

If you haven’t waited the maximum number of days, then please hold off until the time has passed before sending us an email about your order.


I only received part of my order, what should I do?

Order may arrive in multiple packages, so if your entire order isn’t in the first package, then please wait the maximum allotted days before reaching out to us.


Package was marked as delivered, but I didn't receive my package -- what do I do?

If your tracking information marks your package as delivered, but you do not have your package, please contact the carrier/shipper with the tracking number and inquire about the status of your package.

While we can process reshipments for packages marked as "lost" by a carrier, we cannot reship orders nor refund them for those that are deemed delivered by the carrier.


What is the turnaround time?

Fulfillment takes about 2-7 business days and shipping takes the following business days:

    • USA – 2-5 days
      • Canada – 2-10 days
        • Mexico – 8-14 days
          • South America – 8-14 days
            • Africa – 8-14 days
              • Europe – 2-7 days
                • Australia – 2-14 days
                  • India – 6-10 days
                    • Asia – 4-12 days


                    Apparel care instructions:

                    Wash on cold and gentle cycle.

                    Hang dry or dry on lowest heat setting.

                    The printing process allows for vibrant prints, but due to the printing method, additional heat may not be good for the longevity of the print. Failure to abide by these care instructions may result in prematurely worn out prints.


                    Team Full ROM subscription cancelation instructions:

                    Click here to cancel


                    If you cannot log in for any reason, please follow the steps below.


                    I can't access my account:

                    1. Attempt login here: https://teamfullrom.com/account/login
                    2. If you can't remember your password, click "Forgot your password?"
                    3. If the you get an error message that says "No account found with that email," then you have to create an account.
                    4. Create an account with the email address you received your order confirmations at.